rxlivethestory asked: hello! I've recently discovered your YouTube videos and I absolutely fell in love. You're so incredible <3 lov u

Thanks so much<3


Abandoned dog that lived under a dumpster for 11 months is rescued and adopted [x]

“why am I not listening to music?” — me, everytime I’m not listening to music (via boulevardsofdreams)

“I’m really into healthy self-expression; that’s why I dye my hair, that’s why I wear stupid clothes, and that’s why I don’t care that my bangs look like Spock from Star Trek.” — Hayley Williams (via hayleyquotes)


My vlog from go ape is up.
Check it out, it’s pretty funny!

Would be awesome f you watched it, I’m trying to mix my channel up a little instead of only making beauty related videos :)


Newest Video! 
Check it out guys :)

Anonymous asked: You seem to be good at advice and seem like a understanding person so I thought I'd just ask you if you don't mind. I'm a girl and I'm petrified to come out to my friends incase they start treating me differently or feel uncomfortable around me???

I honestly can’t imagine how scary that may be. It shouldn’t be scary though, it should be natural and very easy. Stupid world. I would say just don’t make a huge deal of it, just bring it into a relaxed conversation. Either that or if you’re really really scared just come right out and say it, and then it’s done with. If they are any kind of friends they will treat you exactly the same like nothing has changed at all. You realise your true friends in situations like this. Good luck, I hope it goes well for you and well done on being yourself :)